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Calculate your Savings With Coal

This calculator provides a quick way to compare the cost and heat provided from various fuels. This heating calculator is based on the cost for each fuel to deliver 100,000 BTU's of heat to your house. The calculation takes into account the cost of the fuel, energy content of the fuel, and the efficiency of the type of furnace. The furnace efficiency can be adjusted to see the cost difference.

For all the fuels you are interested in make the appropriate changes in the calculator below;

Fill in the "Fuel Cost per unit" -- this is what you pay in dollars for the fuel unit listed. For example, if you pay $2.10 per gallon for propane, then type 2.10 into the Fuel Cost column for Propane.  Make sure you fill in the price for the unit size listed -- for example, corn is $'s per ton, not $'s per bushel.

Fill in the "Efficiency" column for the furnace or heat plant you will use.   For example if you have a 95% efficient condensing NG boiler, you would fill in 95 in the "Efficiency" column for Natural Gas. After filling in the data for the fuels you are interested in, click on the "Calculate" button.

The cost to produce 100,000 BTU of heat will be listed for each fuel in the "Cost" column.

Fuel Type Fuel Cost per unit Efficiency
($'s per100K BTU)
Natural Gas $/therm(ccf)
Coal $/ton
Propane $/gallon
Fuel Oil $/gallon
Electricity Resistance $/KWH
Electricity - Heat Pump $/KWH
Wood - Softwood $/cord
Wood - Hardwood $/cord
Wood - Pellets $/ton
Corn $/ton

With these numbers you can then take the calculated number and multiply that by the total btu's you need for a fuel type to see the estimated heating cost by changing fuel and see the total yearly a cost savings or if it would cost more to heat your home with various home heating fuels.



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