Coal HeatingCoal_Heater_Lehigh_RS-96C

Coal heating is more popular in Massachusets than many people think and the coal usage is rising every year. That’s because it is no longer the dirty, fussy exercise it was in years gone by.

Alternative Heating

Alternative heating sources are being researched by home owners to find a way to cut down the expences for heating. We have a fuel cost calculator so you can see what you will save with coal. Modern coal stoves burn coal cleanly and efficiently with very minimal intervention. As the price of oil and gas rise people are looking for alternatives to keep heating budgets in line and reduce there dependancy on foriegn countries politics and wars. Historically coal heating was a lot of work, but now with the coal stoker stoves we sell they need only about 10 minutes of tending once a day.

Increased Convenience

Stoker stoves and furnaces have been improved over the years so that they are more efficiant in heat exchange and the stoker feature reduces the need to tend the fire as much as in the past. The highest quality coal makes a difference also. We sell premium anthracite for low ash, high BTU rating and very low smoke or smell.

Coal Heating Costs Less

Our homeowners that do heat there homes with coal find that there heating costs are about 1/3 what it would cost to heat their homes with either fuel oil or propane. An added bonus is since coal is 100% domestic fuel you are keeping the dollars and jobs here in Massachusets and Pennsylvania. There is also hundreds of years of anthracite coal supply remaining. So you’re doing something good for our American economy and saving money at the same time! Any questions please call 857-342-3768

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