Advantages of Coal

Don't Burn Money Heating The House Burn Coal

To many the idea of heating with coal is something that was done a generation or two ago. This old idea was replaced with easy to use automated oil burners or gas for home heating. Today with the changes in the cost of oil and gas going up people are looking for alternatives other than wood and wood pellets for alternative purchases of heating fuel. The Advantages of coal has changed. So coal does not have to be just a way of heating other than what your grand or great grandparents used to do. Now we have a new generation of alternatives that should make you look at coal and saving on heating that has some real advantages.

    • Good availability as an energy source begins with the simple fact that it is abundant and thus, inexpensive.
    • Since coal is an abundant source of energy, more so than oil and natural gas the cost is less since fewer people do it.
    • It is available nearby in Pennsylvania and not dependent on foreign countries and creates jobs here in the United States.
    • Using coal reduces the dependence on using oil, which is often found in nations where there is unstable political regimes or open hostility to the United States.
    • Coal can be easily and safely stored and can be used to create energy and heating. The nature of coal, being a solid this makes it safer to transport than other highly flammable energy sources. Coal is a safer source of energy than other fossil fuels like oil. You have probably never heard of a deadly coal spill for instance.
    • Coal does not require the cost and the labor intensive refining processes that natural gas and oil must undergo before usage in heating.
    • Coal is highly combustible meaning that when it burns it releases a lot of energy and creates a lot of heat

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