Coal Burning Heaters

Hitzer Heater Model 50-93

It is not longer like your grandparents or great grandparents coal heating stoves anymore. Times have changed with coal heaters that have modern technology to both control the heat and being self feeding they control the flow of fuel to the fire. This reduces the amount of work involved to heat a home economically. Today's coal burning heaters are very economical, efficient and convenient.

Anthracite Coal

The fuel for these self feeding heaters is clean burning Anthracite Coal that has a heat capacity that is high and cost per BTU is low. With Anthracite coal ground to the right size it will flow through the self feeding system allowing for a day and a half intervals between needing to have more coal loaded. Compared to wood stoves the reduction in amount of tending the her is a big one. Burning our Pennsylvania coal reduces the economic support of foreign governments and keep American dollars home as well as jobs.

Advantages of Coal Burning Heaters

Riverside coal has both the coal burning heaters and coal delivery service to make coal heating both economical and convenient. Coal is a great heating alternative for New England home owners

    • Tremendous Fuel Cost Savings
    • Up To 85,000 BTUs of Heat
    • Steady Reliable, High Output Heat
    • Supplement Exiting Heating Systems
    • Coal Stokers Use Clean Anthracite Coal
    • Rugged Cast Iron Construction
    • Attractively Designed Heating Stoves
    • Easy To Use Heat Stoves
    • No Hassle Installations
    • We Deliver Bulk or Bagged Coal To You
    • We have High Dump Delivery Available
    • For Pallets of Bagged Coal We Can Place It for You With Special Equipment
    • Less Space Needed Compared to Wood Heating

Coal burning heaters and stoves are great alternative heating options that many people do not think of. Why not save on your heating budget? Coal is the most abundant domestic fossil fuel available in the United States and produced in the United States.

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