10 Reasons to Choose Coal over Pelletstop_10_reasons

Number 1 Cost

Wood Pellets cost more than coal based on BTU’s purchased. A pound of Anthracite coal has almost twice the heat (BTU’s) as a pound of wood pellets, therefore pellets have to be almost 1/2 the cost of Anthracite coal to produce the same amount of heat per dollar spent on heating fuel. So before you buy wood pellets check the price of pellets and double it then compare it to coal. For an easier comparison check our fuel calculator.

Number 2 Heat Output

Reading Anthracite Stoves are able to put out twice as much heat as most pellet stoves. Reading Stoves are rated at 85,000 BTU/hour. Compare this to the fact that most pellet stoves are rated below 35,000 BTU/hour.

Number 3 Heat Output

Availability - In recent years, there has been a shortage of pellets. Being a by product of lumber mills and building people are having trouble finding pellets. With a lower supply economics says the price goes up. At times it could be as much as buying oil based on cost of BTU’s purchased.

Number 4 Consistent Price

Anthracite coal has increased in cost at less than the rate of inflation over the last 20 years. Wood pellets have doubled in price in the last five years alone. Just like the heat coal gives off the price is consistent.

Number 5 Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance – Coal stoves can operate continuously from Fall to Spring without having to be cleaned. Pellet stoves on the other hand have to be shut down and cleaned at least once a month. Coal creates no creosote to clean from the chimney reducing the yearly maintenance

Number 6 Convenience

Dry Pellets Compared to Wet

Anthracite coal is sold in bulk (loose) or bagged and can be stored outside without the weather affecting it, whereas wood pellets have to be kept dry. A torn bag that gets wet ruins that bags value.

Number 7 Stove Value

Value - Reading Stoves cost less than the same BTU size pellet stove.


Number 8 Clean Burning

Anthracite coal burns as clean as natural gas and heating oil. Since it burns cleanly you an use a power vent instead of a chimney at a fraction of the cost.

Number 9 Reliability

Anthracite coal has been used for home heating for over 150 years and generates almost twice the heat per pound as wood pellets, corn, and other grains.

Number 10 Safety

Anthracite stoves use negative pressure which reduces the chance of gases escaping into your home if a leak develops. No creasot is produces so no fuel is available to fuel a chimney fire

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