Pennsylvania Coal

Pennsylvanial Anthracite Coal Region From

Pennsylvania coal can be either Bituminous coal or Anthracite Coal. The primary interest here is in Anthracite coal for home heating. Production of anthracite coal in Pennsylvania is primarily from 5 counties. Pensylvanian coal or specifically Anthracite coal has historically helped to provide fuel for the Industrial Revolution and support the energy production demands through the first and second world wars.

Coal Reserves

The estimates of coal reserves of anthracite coal show there are between 4 to 6 billion tons of unminned coal in the anthracite region. The estimated coal production currently is about 6,819,330 tons per year. With the increased interest in quality coal efferts are being made to tap into these reserves. Bonding reserve requirements for restoration have been changed since there have been few defaults on mine area reclaimation. With the large reserves the bond mony can now be used to write new bonds

Pennsylvanial Anthracite Coal

The anthracite region for Pennsylvanial coal is in the following counties Carbon, Schuylkill, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Northumberland, and Columbia counties

Bituminous coal is mined in the Western part of the state and is not as hard a coal and is sold for generating electricity and industrial uses not for home heating. Bituminous is a coal that is a "hard" coal. It has high heat and low moisture contents and is harder than the lower ranked coals such as sub bituminous and Lignit. Bituminous coals are used in electricity generation and steel-making processes, as well as for industrial and municipal steam applications

Pennsylvania coal and world energy supplies

If you take the total coal reserves of all states on an energy equivalent basis, the 5,441 quadrillion BTUs of US coal surpasses the 4,446 quadrillion BTUs of Middle East oil. Of the total coal produced Pennsylvania is the fourth largest producer.

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