Quality Coal Heaters, Stoves and Furnaces

Riverside coal.com stocks and sells Coal heating stoves to help reduce the cost of home heating. We can help you warm your home with a quality product. The selection process of stoves to handle has been based on reputation of the stove manufacturer and the quality of the product. We know that as the cost of home heating goes up and unrest continues in both the middle east and other oil producing regions people want an alternative to help there budget. We are a "buy America company". The stoves we sell are are designed to burn Anthracite coal not products that try to do both wood and coal and do a poor job of both. These stoves burn anthracite coal well and cleanly

Coal Stoves

The coal stoves we sell provide environmentally friendly, safe and efficient heating systems that burn anthracite coal. The result is reduced pressure on your budget. ┬ĚPeople that are familiar with heating with today's coal stoves know that things have changed with the invention and acceptance of coal stoker stoves. ┬ĚThe coal stoker have made burning coal with the ability to feed coal automatically to the fire and also able to change the feed rate in response to a thermostat if it is included. This advent of a stoker has made it both a time saver and improve the comfort for millions of Americans to stay warm and comfortable in the winter heating months. Knowing people today just do not have the time they used to changing to coal can take some time but does help with the budget and is not as much work as burning wood. The specific lines of coal stoves we carry are The Reading Stove Company's coal stoves from Orwigsburg, PA that have coal stoves and Hitzer, Inc coal stoves that is from Berne, IN . Hitzer makes a coal burning fireplace insert for masonry fireplaces.

Coal Furnaces

In order to both maximize your heating cost savings of coal and transfer the heat around the house a coal furnace added to a hot air system will cut your costs. We have a heating fuel cost calculator so you can figure your potential savings.  Advantages of a coal furnace are the handling of coal is out of the living area. There is no bark, bugs or dirt to clean up from the main parts of the house. Being near the main heat system the furnace does not need to be protected from young children. These coal fired furnaces are used to supplement the current heating hot air system so you can greatly reduce home heating costs. Right now we handle The Reading Stove Company's coal furnace in the near future or by request we will be adding the Hitzer coal furnaces also.

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