Hitzer Hand Built Coal Heating Stove

Hitzer the name of the company means heater. The origin "Hitzer" comes from the Swiss word for heater. Now here in the United States the word to coal burning owners is that Hitzer is one word that stands for quality. Hitzer has been a leading manufacturer in alternative heating appliances since 1975.

Amish Craftsmanship

Hitzer products are built with superior Amish Craftsmanship and are made in the heart of Amish country USA. The company started in Adams County, Indiana as a small blacksmith shop. With three generations of family business and over thirty-five years of heating experience, Hitzer has the knowledge and experience to meet all of your alternative heating needs. Now due to being a quality product Hitzer expanded in size and increased there productivity by moving to a larger facility in Berne, Indiana, still located in the heart of Amish country in Adams County.

Every Hitzer heating system is carefully hand built by these Amish craftsmen. Hitzer is a leading manufacturer specializing in coal stoves. Building these coal stoves no shortcuts are taken. Only the finest materials are used.

Hitzer product Line

Hitzer has a complete line of products to meet every coal heating need. We sell this brand of coal stoves because of the product line includes a wide variety of coal stoves is a quality product from the Amish craftsman. They specialize in EZ Flo Gravity Feed freestanding hopper stoves and fireplace inserts. These stoves are self-feeding Anthracite Coal stoves with no moving parts and require no electricity to operate. We also manufacture hand fed freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, and a variety of coal furnaces. Each system provides efficient burning with effective consumption of secondary gases. The result - more heat with less fuel consumed.


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