503 E-Z Flo Hopper Fireplace Insert

The Hitzer Model 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert expresses outstanding design, first-class originality, and this coal stove provides a high degree of customer satisfaction. The 503 fireplace insert has distinct, unique and convenient qualities.

Unique Features

These unique qualities include size, structure, convenience, and efficiency. The 503's fireplace insert size was developed to comfortably fit into almost every standard "masonry fireplace". This fireplace insert provides a large amount of heat output, while enhancing the beauty of a traditional fireplace.

Hopper Feed

Built for customer satisfaction and convenience the Hitzer 503 is equipped with a thirty pound E-Z flo hopper system. The 503 has grown immensely in popularity because of this unique and popular hopper insert design. With advance design to exploit efficiency the 503 insert utilizes the baffle plate design system as well as incorporates three air intake locations to maximize heat and efficiency. With heating capabilities of up to three thousand square feet, and one hundred thousand btu’s the Hitzer 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert will greatly enhance your home with it's beauty while burning coal, a cost efficienct heating fuel.

Model 503-Coal-Fireplace-Insert
Model 503 Coal Fireplace Insert Front View


  • Gravity Fed Hopper
  • Steel Construction
  • Baffle Plate Design System
  • Fire brick Lined
  • Cast Iron Grates
  • Single Fuel Door
  • Exterior Grate Shaker
  • Sliding Damper System
  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Three Air Intake Locations
  • Two 100 c.f.m. Blowers
  • Gold or Pewter Accents
    • damper spring
    • fuel door spring
    • ash door spring
    • door air intake
    • two air discharge trim
    • hopper lifter spring
  • Stove Bright Paint
    • Black
    • Charcoal
    • Honey Glow Brown
  • 6" Flue
  • 6" or 8" Shroud Surround
503 E-Z Flow Fireplace Insert Color Selections

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