Reading Coal Stove

Quality & Comfort with Stoker Reliability

The Reading Stove Company stoves are ergonomically designed and extremely easy to use. With the Reading Coal Stoves simply add coal to the hopper every two to three days, set the variable temperature control and come back every 1-2 days to empty the ash pan. Reading coal Stoves have an attractive contemporary design. You will feel even warmer as you view the fire through the large glass window on the Allegheny, Lehigh, and Swatara stove models

Due to the rising costs of heating sources, our coal stoves provide the most economical alternative. They can be used as a main or supplemental heat source. Reading Stove Company uses the patented "Tri-Burner" Stoker System with a variable heat control. The stoves are available in contemporary or classic styles shown below.


The Allegheny model RS-96S

  • Fully Automatic
  • Intenal Plenum Heat Exchange
  • “Large” Multi day ash pan
  • Continuous operation
  • 85,000 btu up to 1800 Sq.Ft. Heating Capacity

For more information on the Allegheny Coal Stoker Stove RS-96

The Lehigh RS-96C

LehighRS-96CLehigh RS-96C

  • 6 Classic style colors available
  • Radiant cast iron
  • “Easy out” Ash pan ramp
  • Wide fire view door
  • 85,000 BTU up to 1800 sq. Ft. Heating Capacity

For more information on the The Lehigh RS-96C coal stoker stove

Susquehanna_RSDB-06Susquehanna RSDB-06

Susquehanna RSDB-06

  • Internal Plenum heat exchange
  • Designed for direct connection to duct work
  • 1,529 CFM Blower
  • 4 day burn
  • Fully Automatic
  • 170,000 BTU up to 3600 Sq. Ft. Heating capacity

For more information on the Susquehanna RSDB-06 Stoker Stove

Juniata_RSFD-07Juniata RSFD-07

Juniata RSFD07

  • Internal Plenum heat exchange
  • Large furnace door
  • Can be customized for duct work
  • “large” Ash Pan
  • Fully Automatic
  • 85,000 BTU up to 1800 sq. Ft. Heating Capacity

For more information on the Juniata Utility RSFD-10 Stoker Stove


Swatara_Coal_Stove_CS-85Swatara Coal Stove CS-85

Swatara CS-85

  • Wide Fire-View Door
  • 16 hour unattended burn
  • Variable heat control
  • Large capacity “Easy Out” Ash pan ramp
  • Natural Draft-No electric needed
  • 6 Classic style colors available
  • Nickel plated cast door
  • For more information on the Swatara Coal Stoker Stove CS-85

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