Reading Susquehanna RSDB-06 Utility Coal Furnace

Riverside coal sells the Susquehanna RSDB-06 Furnace coal burning furnace is designed for homes, large garages and cabins. This furnace is set up to be connected directly into the current or new forced hot air heating system by way of the duct system. Operating this furnace the large hopper and ash pan will allow you to set the unit to burn up to 4 days, without the worry of reloading the hopper with more coal. The Susquehanna furnace has a patented "Tri-Burner" efficiency stoker system that is an easy to use, reliable, and constructed to exacting standards and is fully automatic.

Features of The Susquehanna RSDB-06SUSQUEHANNA_RSDB-06-with-banner

  • Internal Plenum Heat Exchange
  • Direct Connection to Duct Work
  • 1,529 CFM Blower
  • 4 Day Burn
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Easy to Operate Set-Once Stoker
  • Fully Automatic
  • Large Furnace Door
  • Continuous Operation
  • Simple, Reliable, and Sturdy Design
  • 4/1 Warranty

Specifications of The Susquehanna RSDB-06

  • BTU Range 170,000
  • Sq. Ft. Heat Capacity 3,600
  • Fuel Anthracite Buck or Rice Coal
  • Flue Size 8"
  • Weight 525 lbs.
  • Height 51" (Including Stack)
  • Width 31"
  • Depth 44" (Including Hopper)

Susquehanna_RSDB-06-clearanceClearance Required from Combustibles

Clearances required

  • Rear to Hopper 0"
  • Side 22"
  • Front 18"
  • Pipe to Wall 18"

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