Used Coal Stoves for Sale

We have used coal stoves for sale. These previously owned stoves are in stock and to help people economically get started with heating with coal. We have an ever changing stock so please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm is a particular stove is still available.

Chubby Coal Stove

Two are available on with a top stack and the other with a rear stack. One is more ornate than the other.

2 of Our Used Chubby Stoves


Black Used Reading Mahatango Coal Stove

Used Black Coal Stove


Used Blue Reading Mahatango Coal Stove


Used Stove Availability

We are constantly searching for used stoves so our inventory changes so we recomending contacting us if you are looking for a used coal burning stove fill in our stove contact form or call 857-342-3768

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