Bags of Coal

Our Truck Picking Up Bags of Anthracite Coal In Pennsylvania

We stock Reading Anthracite Company's and Blaschak Coal Corporation's bagged Premium Anthracite coal both from the eastern part of Pennsylvania. Enjoy the benefits of easily controllable, high heat and long burning qualities of a modern smokeless Anthracite coal. In addition we also carry Blacksmithing coal (Bituminous coal) in bags. Any quantity from one bag to a trailer load is available for sale and we deliver. Coal sizes we stock in bags are Nut Coal, Rice Coal and Pea coal. The weight of each bag is 50 lbs and they are plastic bags with shrink wrap around each pallet.

Pallets of Bagged Coal

The bagged coal we handle can be sold and delivered on pallets. A pallet of coal consists of 40 bags each weighting 50 lbs for a total of a ton of coal per pallet.


if needed East of the Worchester Area in Massachusets. For bulk bagged coal delivery information please check out our delivery map.

Reasons for Bagged Coal

Bagged anthracite can be stored outdoors easily and is not affected by weather conditions such as moisture.

Prepackaged coal bags allows for clean bags of coal that are a fixed weight for easier handeling. Bags of coal prevent dustiery bulck coal deliveries so it can be cleaner. There are no piles and need for a coal bin. If in quantity you get pallets of just clean white bags of coal!

Bags of coal can be more convenient so that there is no coal shoveling, just open a bag!

Heavy duty tear resistant bags are used for the coal

Blaschak coal bags have a convenient handle built into the plastic bag and are ideal for use with coal stoves.

Bagged coal can be more economical - perfect for those that can't afford or do not want a several ton delivery! Especially when using coal for supplementary heating

Bulk or Lose Coal

If you got to this page and are looking for Bulk coal not in bags we certainly offer that in Nut and Stove coal for pick up or delivery

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