Bulk CoalPaul_on_Bulk_Coal_Pile

Buying coal in bulk is a great way to save even more on your heating bill. By avoiding packaging costs the price per ton for coal is the lowest. It only makes sence that not being in plastic bags the cost is less. Bulk coal can be picked up at our yard or delivered to you. For pick up please call first so there is no delay in getting loaded.

Bulk Coal Availability

Bulk coal is redably available unlike wood pellets. The source of our bulk coal is from reclaiming of old coal mining activity. Coal is a fossil fuel and our coal is clean burning non polluting anthracite coal. Loading and handeling the coal from the mine to you is less expensive if it can be handled with large equipment with out worrying about protecting the plastic bags and the shrink wrap around the pallets.

Local Bulk Coal

Riverside Coal stocks bulk coal in our Coal yard here in HydePark Massachusets. We are not at all affected by any shortage liek they have with wood pellets. it is immediatly available by our trailers picking it up in Pennsylvania. Wood pellets are a renewable resource but are priced the way they are since the pellets are a by product of the lumber and building industry. Since the home building industry is so bad, many lumber mills are closing and being demolished the volume of saw dust to convert to pellets is way down so it is getting hard to find. If you need bulk coal for your stove you can be sure that we have it in stock in HydePark and our suppliers are a days round trip away so it is easy to manage our inventory.

High Dump Bulk Coal Delivery

Riverside Coal is a company that is tooled for customers service. Setting up our high dump coal truck is no slight effort to make it easier on customers to buy bulk coal form riverside coal and have it delivered. The cost of fabrication and truck chassis was all to make it easier and faster to place coal in a customers coal bin with shuts and gravity. This all fits together to make heating with bulk coal economical and less expensive than other heating options.

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