Coal Delivery


Delivery of coal can be very labor intensive and we have tooled to make the whole process as easy as possible. Our trailers that pick up at the factory are two different types. One type of trailer is set up for large volumes of bulk coal that can be dumped at our yard or a customers facility if it warrents it. For price of coal please fill in the request for coal price quote.

Pallet Delivery


Our flat bed trailers handle pallets of bagged coal. Some of the trailers are set up to carry a removable forklift to place the pallets at convenient locations at the customers home. Naturally there needs to be space to get in and not too much of a hill. Let us know your situation so we can make the best choice to make the delivery as easy as possible.

High Dump Coal TruckHigh_Dump_Coal_Truck_Raised_to_Dump

To deliver bulk coal into bins with out a lot of shoveling and labor a high dump is used to lift the truck body and tilt is so gravity slides the coal into the customers hopper. As long as the truck can get to a place to dump into the bin the coal shutes can go over hedges or into a window to fill a bin.

Service Area

There is not hard and fast line but in general if the area is shadded we will deliver bulk coal in that area. Naturaly the amount of coal being purchased affects the delivery cost and distance we can reasonalby travel.

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