Coal BinCoal-Bin

Bulk purchase of coal is less expensive that buying coal in bags. The price difference is about $30.00 per ton. So if you are planning on buying bulk coal haveing a coal bin keeps the storage of bulk coal more organized. We do offer the service of setting up a coal bin for you if you are going to be buying bulk coal from us. We do charge for the time and materials to build the bin and it is a standard size bin that can be set up on a flat solid surface. The bin can be placed either inside or outside.

We Can help with Coal Bin Placement and building

Since we have a high dump coal truck we can also help with figuring out where to place it on your property so that the bin can be filled from the truck with out additional handeling or traveling over the grass. Making assumptions on were the bin can go in comparison to where the delivery truck can get to are prevented when we help in the set up of a coal bin

Space needed

Part of the placement question is based on the amount of space needed. If you are burning wood your storage space is reduced four fold. You can go from a space that fits a cord of wood and store 4 tons of coal. Here is the math. One cord of firewood requires 4ft x 4ft x 8ft storage space. A 4 ton coal bin requires 4ft x 5ft x 8ft. It is a foot higher but stores the equivalent to 4-5 cords of firewood in the same footprint.

Feeding and Acess

The last part of the coal bin set up is making sure the bin can be stocked easily and then getting the coal out will be convenient. With a high dump coal delivery truck and some chutes we can fill a bin through an open basement window. If the bin is outside we may be able to reach over hedges and fences.

Placement of the bin door and sequencial gates make access to the bin work well as the level of coal goes down. Call us at 857-342-3768 with an idea of your yearly coal needs and we will help plan out a coal bin placement and plan that fits your needs.

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