Coal For Sale Boston Area

We sell Anthracite heating Coal. Riverside coal was set up to not only sell it but provide service that makes it easier to buy and burn coa in the greater Boston area. We go from southern New Hampshire out to Worchester and down to Cape Cod. We felt that there was a need for a company tooled to efficiently deliver coal regardless if it is bought in bulk or it is packaged in bags we know we need to keep the labor to a minimum as well as provide reliable friendly service.  Buying in bulk or in bag we have it in stock and have the right equipment to do the job.

Our coal yard Is In Riverside and is stocked year round

The coal we sell comes from either of two anthracite coal mines in Pennsylvania. The best quality cleanest burning coal is what we sell. Our tractor trailers are dispatched out of Boston to bring back either the pallets of coal or bulk coal that goes in our trailer dumps and is stocked in our yard to meet the needs of winter heating or year round supply to coal fired pizza restaurants. Because the coal is sold by the ton we have geared our company to be able to handle the coal with out hand labor and get it as close as possible to where you the customer wants it.

Our Tooling for Deliveries

Bulk Deliveries

We have an old time high dump coal body mounted on a very short wheelbase Mack truck that is set up so we can get in very tight places and slide the coal down into most anyones coal bin. The body was built years ago and it raises with a sizzor lift type of mechanisum below the body. The body has measured compartments so get the right amount of coal that your ordered. An asphalt producer has a scale in his yard aroung the corner from us and we ofter confirm the wieghts of what is in the truck to make sure the customer gets the right amount with out felling like they are being gtaken advantage of. With the shute we spread the coal as evenly as possible in the coal bin and it also alows us to reach in from the truck some short distance. If you have questions on if we can get into where the coal bin is please give us a call and we can probably figure it out

The truck it's self has a set back axle below the cab so that the truning radius is as tight as possible and the truck is a short a possible. The front of the truck is flat with no nose and has large front windshields to see as much as possible in tight places. The truck is heavy so naturally good ground conditions are a must other wise we can cause damage and ruts or the truck could tip over. We take every precaution that we look over the situation before we do a bulk coal delivery. This is a lot of detail about our high dump coal truck but if we can slide it down into you coal bin vs you having to shovel into a wheelbarrow the details can add up to a large labor savings.

Bagged Coal

Pallets of bagged coal

When you buy bagged coal from us we deliver it on a truck that is equiped with what is called a moffit. It is a self propelled pallet jockey that can travel over paved surfaces and lawns to place the pallet of coal as close as possible to where it is to be stored. If you have see the material supply yards or luber yards like Home Depot they use the same kind of equipment to unload the trucks and put the material as close as possible to where it is going to be used. This type of equipment means deliveries can be done with one person and the customer gets a neatly stacked pallet of coal placed at the house were ever it is possible. Naturally the terrain has to be not too step or narrow gates in the way that the machine will not fit through. 

The coal its self is packaged in heavy duty plastic bags that are well sealed so that ever thing stays clean handleing the coal in the house as you bring it in to load the stove. The pallets we deliver the coal on are one way pallets so they do not need to be returned and can make good kindling for starting the stove if you need it. 

Delivery scheduale

We do try and group our deliveries together so we can keep the cost of the coal as low as possible as well as the cost of delivery. Please call us at 1-781-254-2773 or fill out our contact form to set up a time for delivery to you. 

Paul Fulmour , , 50 Easton Avenue , Hyde Park , Ma , 02137 United States , Phone 1-781-254-2773