High Dump Coal Truck


Historic High Dump Coal Truck when it was hard and dirty

The technology has changed but the concept of a high dump coal truck still remains the same. Years ago a very different tuck chassis would carry a coal dump body that could be raised to place coal into bings with less labor. Helping to keep the cost of heating with coal less expensive and labor intensive. A historic picture we found shows an old truck that was used to deliver coal into a coal bin or thru a coal door in a building.

Modern High Dump Coal Truck

Riverside Coal has redone the concept of a high dump coal truck in order to provide an economical heating fuel and deliver of bulk coal. A late model chassis with a sizzor type coal body can be raised to let gravity move the coal from the body down and over to where it is needed. The ability to slide coal into place is not a new one, but from the above picture boy have things changed, enclosed cabs fewer chains and levers and the use of hydraulics.

Efficiant Bulk Coal Delivery

High Dump Coal Truck Raised to Dump

Labor is even more important today than ever to keep the cost of coal down plus make the delivery of coal to customers convenient for the customer. Heavy duty coal  chutes are used to bridge the gap from truck to the customers coal bin. So being able to shuttle the coal across into the coal door with less labor is the key to helping make coal heating economical to streach the home and commercial owners heating budget.

High Dump Coal Delivery

For bulk purchase of coal we have available our high dump coal truck. This truck is a newly refurbished High-Lift coal truck with coal shutes to make it easier to fill you coal bin and avoid a lot of handeling of the coal. Our truck has a maximum Capacity of up to 5 tons per load. So we will gladly "Chute" your coal order into your bin or through a coal door.

Coal deliveries are made in our hi-lift coal truck, which is outfitted with several feet of coal chutes for a faster, cleaner operation. With the slopped chute the coal will flow down the chute into the coal bin. Typically, our customers have a coal bin in their basement or at the end of a driveway and can be loaded directly from the truck assuming the truck can get close enough to the bin.

If you do not have a coal bin we can supply and install one for you

Coal Chute

Heavy gauge metal is used on our interlocking coal chutes to both reach the coal bin and not need intermediate supports for the chutes. This speeds up the delivery process keeping the time and labor involved to deliver coal to a minimum. These interlocking chutes are custom made to link together into one unit and help the coal gently slide into place in the customers coal bin. The flow is controlled by the door in the dump body so that the flow is mettered by the operator.

Back View of Coal Chute From Our High Dump Truck


Clean Friendly Service

A Modern high dump coal truck does not make up the total picture. But add an attitude of customer satisfaction, friendlyness and being clean is what sets Riverside coal apart from the rest. As burning coal for heating experiances a resurgence we have set up the company to have the right tool for delivery of coal to you.

Side View of Coal Chute on Our High Dump Coal Truck



For more high dump delivery details please call 857-342-3768. Also please fell free to contact us so we can provide pricing with our online quote form.

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