Rice Coal

Our rice coal is a bagged Anthrocite coal from Blaschak Coal Corporation. These bags are in in clean 40-pound, poly bags for stockers stoves, stoves and fireplaces. The durable plastic bags make it convenient to stove and handle coal. In addtion These bags have a convenient handle built into the bag so they are ideal for use with coal stoves.

Size of Rice Coal

The definition of rice coal is it is anthracite coal that has been screened to a set size. It is sized to be in the rang of under 5 / 16 in. (0.79 cm) to over 3 / 16 in (4.8 millimeters), in diameter. Our rice coal is in 40 lb bags or sold in pallet quantities. Riverside coal delivers bagged coal in Eastern Massachusets from Worcester area to Cape Cod and Southern New Hampshire.

Use of Rice coal

Stocker stoves have feeders that are set designed to move specific sizes of coal from the hopper to the bruning chamber. Often rice coal is the size the stove maker designs for. A consistant size of the coal prevents jambing. With a coal stocker stove the need for reloading the stove can be as much as 36 hours apart so it is more convenient that wood and less expensive per BTU. Rice coal may be the most popular size now due to the increase in use of stocker stoves and it's ease of use.

Another convenience of this anthracite coal is that there is very little ash to be disposed of. Uses of the ash that is produces can be two things The ash is an excellent product for aerating soil in a garden. Or it can be used as an anti-skid material for icy driveways and walkways. Anthracite coal also does not create creosote build-up in the chimney. This makes annual stove maintenance minimal.

Since bagged rice coal being high quality Anthracite it's low sulfur and high carbon content makes it an extremely clean-burning fuel. This coal produces virtually no smoke or polluting emissions, a major problem with wood stoves, furnaces and wood pellet-burning stoves. In fact, it is a good alternative to wood stoves where wood burning is restricted due to air pollution problems.

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