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High Dump Coal Truck

Riverside Coal is set up to be differant from the old time coal dealer. Previous generations remember labor intensive dirty work to heat with coal.  Today most people think that burning coal is smelly, dirty and creates a lot of pollution. Not True. Riverside coal was set up to take advantage of the modern material handeling equipment we have and a vision of the need for economical heating that is independent of the wild swings of the oil companies. Our Anthracite coal is a clean burning fuel from Pennsylvania that promotes jobs here in the United States. Many people when asked about coal they say they have no idea where to get coal. Well we are a local source for coal in Eastern Massachusets from Worchester to Boston and Lowell New Hampshire to Cape Code.


Convenient heating has been the reason people changed how they heat there homes. Years ago people learned they could just set the thermastat and the oil or gas is burned automatically after it has come from some very distant place or country. There is very little work but a price to be paid. Riverside coal knows this is a bulk material so offers clean burning Anthracite coal in clean 40-pound, poly bags for ease of handeling from the storage place to the stove. We have on site fork lifts for placement of pallets as close as phsically possible to where you what the coal. For bulk delivery of coal we have a high dump coal truck so we can "chute" the coal into your coal bin.

Modern Coal Heating

Convenience in burning coal is also provided by the modern high quality self stoking stoves we sell. Today we sell the modernized coal burning stoves and furnaces with coal-feeding and ash removal systems that require little effort by the consumer. With about 10 minutes of tending a day one load of coal can burn for 36 hours or more. So if you are burning coal now try us and if you are looking into buying coal localy and saving in your home heating costs call us. We have the coal, we have in stock new coal stoves and also have used coal stoves.


Great service starts with attitude. We do not mean bad attitude either. The premise is we want to build a larger customer base by making dooing business with RiversideCoal.com easy to do. The price of coal is part of a good deal and service is the other. Having the people and equipment to handle coal is one part, responding to the customer is another and a fair profit so we can stay in business is the other so we can continue in business and provide responsive service here in our service area of Eastern Massachusets and Southern New Hampshire.

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